Katie & Cam


Cam has degrees in history and religious studies.  Unfortunately, these unused degrees came from a private university and cost far more than Katie's unused bachelor's and master's in architecture. Student loans are great!

Cam and Katie live in Idaho with our nearly two-year-old son and long-haired Boston Terrier, Pepper.

Cameron owns a small trucking company with his father, which affords him the opportunity to come home from work smelling like cow manure every day. He loves reading and playing video games from basically every genre.

Katie works for an in-house marketing department at a local company as the senior designer and communications lead. She eats too many Reese's and loves illustration.

Cam has been into fantasy and sci-fi books since he read the Redwall series as a child. Katie loved those same books, but didn't really get into the genre as an adult until they started dating.

Katie loves making costumes and has retaliated by forcing that onto Cam. Its possible that a man has never loved unitards as much as he does.

Cam decided to start the Nerd Book Reviews podcast when friends made it clear they were only using him for his recommendations. Living an hour away from any friends or society of note, he roped his wife into the process.

The Nerd Book Review